what would céline do?: inaugural post



more gallic wisdom from the frenchman’s roy rogers   

Me: All work and no play. Such are the wages of management… that, and not being able to tell co-workers what I think of their cognitive powers and their practiced disdain for matters hygienic. Oh well, best to forget it and move ahead… but maybe I should ask myself “What would Céline do?”…


Louis-Ferdinand: The biggest defeat in every department of life is to forget, especially the things that have done you in, and to die without realizing how far people can go in the way of crumminess. When the grave lies open before us, let’s not try to be witty, but on the other hand, let’s not forget, but make it our business to record the worst of the human viciousness we’ve seen without changing one word. When that’s done, we can curl up our toes and sink into the pit. That’s work enough for a life time.


—from Death on the Instalment Plan