walter benjamin on branding (!)


W.B., brand guru, fills out a creative brief for Slivovitz Cola.

Chaptal, in his speech on protecting brand names in industry: "Let us not assume that the consumer will be adept, when making a purchase, at distinguishing the degrees of quality of a material. No, gentlemen, the consumer cannot appreciate these degrees; he judges only according to his senses. Do the eye or the touch suffice to enable one to pronounce on the fastness of colors, or to determine with precision the degree of fineness of a material, the nature and quality of its manufacture?" Jean-Antoine-Claude Chaptal, Rapport au nom d’une commission spéciale chargée de l’examen du projet de loi relatif aux altérations et suppositions de noms sur les produits fabriqués [Chambre des Pairs de France, session of July 17, 1824], p5. — The importance of good professional standing is magnified in proportion as consumer know-how becomes more specialized. [A7a,4]


—Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project