simenon americanized and—much, much worse—anglicized…

 Four Days in a Lifetime by Uh … Bob. 

Snow Was Black, The (Signet 855) 1952 AUTHOR: George Simenon ARTIST: Stanley Meltzoff by Hang Fire Books.
signet 1124 by 5m@5hYdez.

simenonsignet1376 by levar.

simenonsignet1338 by levar.

simenonacef198 by levar.  

Man Who Watched Trains, The (Berkley G-145) 1958 AUTHOR: Georges Simenon ARTIST: (unknown) by Hang Fire Books.
2316 by mjkghk.

'Maigret and the young girl-Danger ahead' - Georges Simenon by letslookupandsmile.

1853 by mjkghk.

pocket 55009 by 5m@5hYdez.  

2378 by mjkghk.

2245 by mjkghk.



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