happiness studies with those depressive russians!

In Maxim Gorky’s memoirs, Count LeoTolstoy is described walking alongside the Crimean sea:

And suddenly, for one mad moment, I felt that he might be about to stand up and wave his arm, and that the sea would grow calm and glassy, and the rocks would move and begin to shout, and everything around would stir and come to life and start talking in different voices about itself, and about him, and against him. I cannot put into words what I felt then; I was filled both with rapture and with horror, and then everything came together in one happy thought:
"I am not an orphan on the earth so long as this man is alive."
Gorky also reports that:
Leo Tolstoy once asked a lizard in a low voice:
"Are you happy, eh?"
The lizard was sunning itself on a rock in the bushes along the road to Diulber, and Tolstoy stood facing it with his hands stuck into his leather belt. And looking around carefully, that great man confessed to the lizard:
"I’m not …"

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